Descendants and Sides Relatives of Dr. Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

Please send all Genealogy inquiries to:

Prof. Wolfgang Alt
Mohrstr. 13
53121 BONN

Tel.: +49 151 1918 6484



Note for genealogical information

Supplements in the descendants-books are free. Genealogical inquiries are paid on resolution of the Board. For this purpose, the following scheme was established by the Board.

Standard request to test whether you are a descendant, or other genealogical research.
A standard request is not a publication of family trees or documents.
30,00 €
Supply of documents for non members 60,00 €
Supply of documents for new members 30,00 €

If evidence of descendants and entry into the Lutheriden Association e. V., (expected within 2 months of the reply), the query cost of 30,00 € will be charged as a membership fee for the first year. From the 2nd year of the normal contribution rate applies.
There is no legal right to be informed. Fee is payable upon receipt of the information or documents.

Application for genealogical information

Ahnen und Enkel – The Books

Finished – the Books are available now...

All 4 Books on sale now.

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Ancestry Books

Here you will find old Ancestry Books. These are published and printed books from our library in Zeitz.

Ancestry Book from 1926 "Ahnen und Enkel" - Edition from Otto Sartorius

Family trees of Lutheriden

Christian Ernst Persch, Zeitz
8th lineage
born April 03rd 1748

Family Tree extra from Family paper Edition from January 1939